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When you want your dream Home Theater, you simply do not compromise!

Visit any of our experience demos across South India and see it for yourself! Make sure your Home Theatre has the best products from the best AV brands in the world.

We offer Home theater solutions that are cutting edge, with 4k Projection systems, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and incredible electronics that fit the dimensions of your room.

We pride on having some of the best Hi-Fi speaker brands from across the world, Monitor Audio - U.K. Sonus Faber- Italy, Cabasse- France andHarman International, the world’s largest audio products company with brands like JBL, AKG, Lexicon, Infinity, Synthesis, Revel and Mark Levinson, the best audio solutions to cater to different price ranges.

Indulge in 4k & Ultra HD viewing with Projectors from Epson, Sony. AV receivers & Amplifiers from Denon, Marantz and Lexicon.

What makes Thasmai the best Home Theater Company?

Inventive and beautiful Acoustics- Our Audio experts configure the best acoustic arrangement and design for you, on the basis of your room dimension, theater requirements and budget

In-Depth Demo experiences- Check out the Home Theater demo by our professionals to see what aspects of sound you should concentrate on while purchasing a Home theater, we play various types of media (songs, action sequences, movies) and top it off with a blind speaker test for you to truly judge the quality of the speakers.

Great Sound- Clarity, Precision and Refinement over volume. Speakers that don’t blast out just noise. Speakers that are used by the top professionals in the industry


Extensive Movies/ Multimedia Content!

We have an extensive set of HD BluRay discs in various languages (English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu) to enhance your demo experience. In addition, also plug in Netflix, Amazon Prime, HD DTH (Tata Sky/Airtel DTH), PlayStation, Bluetooth from your smart phone. In addition if you've always wanted to test your own HD or BluRay, do feel free to bring your own movie to our demo centers and we’ll be happy to play it for you for as long as you want!

Don’t listen to us. Listen to our customers!

I went to their HSR office, which they call the biggest Home Theater demo in India, I don’t know if it is the biggest, but it’s certainly an amazing setup with a huge 20 foot screen and a JBL synthesis speaker setup.
The Home theater (more like an actual theater) is probably the best that money can buy, i would gladly recommend Mr. Vijay who gave a fantastic demo and is a great person to consult for anything to relate to AV.


They’ve been around in the Home Theater & Automation scene in Bangalore for quite some time, they’re professional and courteous, compared to the other players in the market I would highly recommend Thasmai.

Sujath Ali Shah

I’ve noticed that Thasmai constantly delivers great execution and unparalleled service, they’re easily the best Home theater guys in Bangalore

Pramod P L Home Theater Client- South Bangalore

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