Home Theatre Market in India: Types of requirements – Hall room vs dedicated space

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From a layout perspective, The Home Theatre market in India can primarily be divided into two major segments; those homes which have a dedicated room for the purposes of a theatre and those which have a multi purpose A/V setup i.e. having a shared area in a hall or a gym room which can accomodate parties/music sessions/movie watching or a myriad other activities. These rooms have the added advantage of not needing a separate ‘budget’ set aside, you can plug in a great 5.1 set up that complements your television for well under a lakh. Also, since you would be mostly using satellite speakers which have lower power output, you don’t need to perform any major accoustics work to absorb all the sound waves.
The Dedicated Home Theatre– What’s better than keeping a special spot in your home, purely for the visceral thrill of watching movies in a giant screen in your home. Not only does it provide a special area for just the sole purpose of movie watching, it can also serve as your den when a match is playing on the big screen or when you and your buddies want to play the latest Playstation 4 First person shooter with bone-shaking background music. The characteristic (and certainly visially outstanding) feature of a dedicated Home theater are the Floorstanding (or Tower) speakers, massive multidriver speakers that throw anywhere from 150-500 watts per channel with impressive capability across all frequencies of the audible spectrum. But remember, just the speakers don’t make a great Theater, you would need to invest in the acoustics of the room and ensure the right absorbers/diffusers/isolation equipment are used to manage the sound within the room and also ensure the room is adequately soundproofed.